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Loop Rally

2012 Loop Rally


The 2012 Loop Rally is running overnight on September 22-23rd and will be headed south of Calgary to explore the scenic Rocky Mountains.

This is a TSD, so we won't be travelling at warp speed, but some auxiluary lights would not do any harm.

There will be an informative Q&A Session (Novice School) for people new to TSD rallying from 19:00 to 20:30 on Thursday Sept 20th at the CSCC clubhouse.

The rally will use straight-forward navigation in a Regularity / Monte Carlo format, including challenging driving sections. Some driving proficiency will be required due to the night schedule and the nature of the event.

Total distance will be approx 750 kilometers, with 25% paved roads and 75% gravel or all weather roads.

Rally West Navigational Championship
CSCC Navigational Rally Series


Sunday September 23rd - Preliminary Results

Before I hit the hay here are the preliminary results. Please take a look and email me with any corrections. The only issues I see could be a couple of wrong start times in the regs with the 2-5 minute dust windows (6, 7, 8 and 9).

Thanks again everyone!

Download here: (2012_Loop_Prelim_Results_2012-09-23-1300h.pdf)

Friday September 1st - Some pics of the route check...

If you aren't excited yet I'll post a few more pictures of the final route check...






Of course I had to put up with a lot of this:


But all you will see is this:


Hope you've got more aux lighting than I do... only one more sleep till funtime.


Saturday September 15th - We are GO for Launch + novice school reminder!


Just a heads up that the Loop _is_ going ahead next weekend regaurdless of weather or entries.

For the early bird prize we have a couple copies of The Road Rally Handbook up for grabs so get your entry in before Monday night.

Please remember to bring warm clothes as the temperature tends to dip into the single digits overnight and we will be in the mountains all night long :)

The Novice seminar is Thursday from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at the CSCC clubhouse. Navigators required, along with a watch, calculator, clipboard and a pen/pencil. Please let me know if you plan on attending.

See you soon.


Wednesday August 29th - Now accepting online payments via Karelo

For those of you who hate mailing cheques the Karelo online payment system is availabe at:

Thursday August 23rd - Supplemental Regulations available and some prerun photos

The Supplemental Regulations are now available for your pleasure. (download the Supplemental Regulations)

Matt and I spent the weekend scouting roads and we have a few beauties in store for the event. See the pictures below. Due to the problems encountered by the majority of co-drivers in last year's event we have added Gravol to the list of reccommended "equipment". You have been warned!

prerun prerun

Click here to see the rest of the prerun photos.

Entry List

# Driver Navigator Vehicle Color Class
1S DavidsonM Reierson2005 Subaru Outback XTCalc
2S SwensonT Swenson2007 Subaru WRXWhiteCalc
3W GilesJ Nadeau2012 Mini Cooper SNovice
4P NazarewyczD Peters1996 Honda Civic CXNovice
5E MunroeJ Munroe2003 Mazda Protoge 5SilverCalc
6M MatasY RoseFord EscortGreenCalc

Officials of the Event

RallyMaster/Registrar    Kurt Schantz ( or 403-891-5550 (text preferred)
Co-organiser/Sweep/Tech Matt Pullen
Checkpointers None!

*Preliminary* Schedule

August 23
Entries Open

September 17
Early Entries close. Draw for starting order and prizes. 20:00

September 20
Novice Q&A Session @ CSCC clubhouse 19:00 to 20:30

September 22
Registration and Tech 18:00 to 20:00
Competitors Briefing 20:15
Car 0 Start (Claresholm, AB)
empty lot next to DQ

September 23
Finish (Somewhere, AB)
08:30 approx


Maximum number of entries is 25
Minimum number of entries is 1

There will be a draw at 20:30 Thursday September 20th, to determine starting order.


Entry received prior to close of early entries:

Payable online or by mailing a cheque (see Supps for details).

WCMA/CARS Club Members (both crew members) $75 per car
Non WCMA/CARS Club Members $85 per car.

Online payment via Karelo:

Entry received after close of early entries:

Payable at the event with a Cheque or Cash. (Organiser rarely has change available).

WCMA/CARS Club Members (both crew members) $90 per car
Non WCMA/CARS Club Members $100 per car.

Note: Please bring your completed entry form with you to the event!

Sunday August 19th - Pre Run Photos

prerun prerun
prerun prerun
prerun prerun
prerun prerun
prerun prerun
prerun prerun
prerun prerun

Forms & Regulations

Supplemental Regulations (LOOP_2012_SUPPS.pdf) PDF
Entry Form (Blank_Entry_Form.pdf) PDF

These documents use the Adobe Acrobat format which requires the Free Acrobat Reader