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2009 Cochrane Winter Rally
March 1st in Cochrane Alberta
Round 1 of the 2009 Western Canada Rally Championship

Starting in the picturesque town of Cochrane, the 2009 Cochrane Winter Rally will kick off Round 1 of the Western Canadian Rally Championship.

Colin Armstrong / Jason Thain
1st Overall 2008 - VW Golf GTI

The rally will be run in the forestry and oil roads in the familiar Fallen Timber forestry area. The timing of the rally provides road conditions that will be tricky and unpredictable. Gravel, snow, and lots of ice are virtually guaranteed.

Gord Olsen / Kathy Olsen
2nd Overall 2008 - VW Golf GTI

Reconnaissance or 'Recce', gives teams a chance to see the roads on the day before the event and make their own description of the stage. The ability to mark hazards and make a knowledgeable tire choice makes the event faster and safer for all participants.

With the level of interest in Rallying continuing to grow, the 2009 Cochrane Winter Rally is expecting a large and competitive field at this years event.

Kris Schofield / Jaclyn Schofield
3rd Overall 2008 - 87 Toyota Corolla GTS

The 2009 Western Canada Rally Championship consists of Cochrane Winter Rally, The Rocky Mountain Rally, Mountain Trials Rally, Bighorn Rally, Pacific Forest Rally, and the Kananaskis Rally.

For more information on the WCRC please visit:

2009 Cochrane Winter Rally Results

Pos Driver/Co-Driver Car Vehicle Class Total
1Schmidtke/Vokes402 Subaru Impreza WRXProdGTE1:07:21
2Grochowski/Junnila296 Volkswagen GolfGr2E1:09:42
3Tezcan/Neumann1191 Subaru LegacyProdGTN1:10:43
4Powell-Williams/Uhlmann902 Audi TT QuattroProdGTE1:12:45
5Jennings-Bates/Daly304 Subaru Impreza WRX STiOpenE1:14:49
6Bruce/Warrington702 Subaru Impreza WRXOpenE1:15:51
7Wright/Wright886 Mazda RX7ProdSportE1:16:37
8Gemmell/Crummey1291 Subaru LegacyProdGTN1:17:53
9Arefi/McLean1002 Subaru Impreza WRXProdGTN1:21:01
10Armstrong/Thain106 Subaru Impreza WRXProdGTE1:30:02
DNFMaplethorpe/Hall502 Subaru Impreza WRXOpenEMAX LATE
DNFMaydaniuk/Maydaniuk604 Subaru Impreza WRX STiOpenEOFF ROAD

Detailed results are availble here (2009_Cochrane_Winter_Rally_Results.pdf)

Spectator Areas

Saturday February 28th, 2009

Car Display (aka Parc Expose)

All of the cars will be on display in Cochrane (Location TBD). This is a good time to meet the drivers and get autographs. You'll also have the opportunity to get a good look at the inside of a Rally car.

3:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Sunday March 1st, 2009

Forest Reserve Stages 9:15AM, 10:30AM, 1:30PM
To get to the Main Spectator Area from Cochrane, travel WEST on Highway 1A:
  • 13km from the Hwy 22 TURN RIGHT onto Highway 40 (940 or Forestry Trunk Road)
  • Travel 45.5 km on HWY 40 - This is a beautiful twisty/windy road that will eventually change to gravel
  • Harold Creek Road Special Stage is on the RIGHT (Junction 40 & 940)
  • 5.3 km further - Hunter Valley Road Special Stage on the LEFT
  • Turn LEFT onto Hunter Valley Road and follow the marshals instructions
  • 4.9 km into the stage is the spectator parking area on the RIGHT just before the Bridge
The Spectator Guide contains more information about finding each viewing area (spectator_guide_2009.pdf)
Download Spectator Guide

Provisional Start Order
Driver /
Car Class Team
1.Colin Armstrong, AB
Jason Thain, AB
2006 Subaru Impreza WRXProdGTE1 Bullit Racing
2.Eric Grochowski, AB
Leanne Junnila, AB
1996 Volkswagen GolfGr2E1 FSR Kamunen Racing
3.Mark Jennings-Bates, BC
Jennifer Daly, BC
2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STiOpenE2 Prescribed Burn Rally
4.Hardy Schmidtke, AB
Adam Vokes, AB
2002 Subaru Impreza WRXProdGTE2 Hardyboy Racing
5.Bryan Maplethorpe, AB
John Hall, AB
2002 Subaru Impreza WRXOpenE2
6.Ken Maydaniuk, BC
Chris Maydaniuk, BC
2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STiOpenE3 Alliance Rally
7.Graham Bruce, AB
Ryan Warrington, AB
2002 Subaru Impreza WRXOpenE4
8.Neil Wright, AB
Lorna Wright, AB
1986 Mazda RX7ProdSportE4 Four Peaks Racing
9.Jared Powell-Williams, BC
Mark Uhlmann, BC
2002 Audi TT QuattroProdGTE4
10.Mehran Arefi, BC
Dan McLean, BC
2002 Subaru Impreza WRXProdGTN5
11.Onur Tezcan, BC
Aaron Neumann, BC
1991 Subaru LegacyProdGTN5
12.Jim Gemmell, AB
John Crummey, AB
1991 Subaru LegacyProdGTN6 Empire Motorsports

Volunteer Information

One of the best ways to get into rallying and learn how and what to do is to volunteer to help out at an event.

There are many positions available, most not requiring any special knowledge (we'll teach you anyway). From the registration table to timing controls and spectator control.

Volunteers are needed:

  • To help with competitor registration
  • To help with technical inspection of rally cars
  • To help with rally equipment for the event -signage, marking off stage areas, etc.
  • To operate time controls - timing cars at stage starts, stage finishes and into the service parks.
  • To secure the roads - ensuring that roads leading onto the stages are secure. In other words, the "best seats in the house to see the action"
  • To host sponsor and media representatives
  • To help with spectator safety - marshals who ensure that spectators remain in the designated viewing locations and stay safe.
  • To monitor service parks for safe practises and to ensure that spectators are not too close to competitor cars during service.

Some positions need specialist skills. People with qualifications as amateur radio operators, emergency medical technicians, and advanced first aid are critical for event safety and security.

Thur Feb 26, 2009
1900 to 2000 Radio Operators Meeting

2000 to 2200 Marshals Meeting - Training & Registration

(It is STRONGLY recommended that you attend the meeting to familiarize yourself with the computerized timing system.)

Contact: Kurt Schantz

Location: Calgary Sports Car Club
  4215 80th Avenue NE
  Calgary, Alberta
+view map


Coordinator / Organizer    Josh Keatley
(403) 921-3846
Clerk of the Course Shawn Bishop
Steward Mark Ward
Chief Scorer TBA
Communications Calgary Amateur Radio Association
Registrar Kurt Schantz

Mail entries to:
Cochrane Winter Rally
c/o Kurt Schantz
131 Bedford Place NE
Calgary, Alberta T3K2J9

Venue Locations

Headquarters Travelodge Cochrane
#5 West Side Drive
Cochrane T4C 1M1
Tel: (403) 932-5588
Fax: (403) 932-9541
Rally Registration Travelodge
Parc Expose
& Technical Inspection
Seed 5/6 Drivers Meeting Travelodge
Drivers Meeting Travelodge
Official Start Service Park
Service Area Forest Reserve Stages
Finish Frank Wills Memorial Hall
405 1st Street East


February 7, 2009 Early Registration Opens
February 21, 2009 Early Registration Closes
February 24, 2009 Seeded Draw, Coordinators Residence
February 26, 2009
1900 to 2000 Radio Operators Meeting, CSCC Clubhouse

2000 to 2200 Marshals Meeting, CSCC Clubhouse
Saturday, February 28, 2009
0800 to 0845 Reconnaissance Registration / Registration at Travelodge
0845 to 0900 Mandatory Reconnaissance Driver's Meeting
(for all competitors doing reconnaissance).
1000 to 1400 Reconnaissance, Forest Reserve Stages
1530 to 1730 Mandatory Parc Expose and Technical Inspection
1800 to 1830 Mandatory Seed 5/6 Competitor's Meeting at Travelodge
Sunday, March 1, 2009
0920 Introduction of officials
0945 Start of Rally from Service Park
Car 0 Starts Leg 1
1030 (approximate) Service 1, Service Area
1230 (approximate) Service 2, Service Area
1500 (approximate) Service 3, Service area
1715 (approximate) Car 0 Finish, End of Rally @ Service Park
1900 (approximate) Awards Banquet opens
Frank Wills Memorial Society Hall


Pre-run Photos - Wednesday, February 25, 2009

View the prerun photos

Curious about road conditions? These were taken on Sunday Feb 22nd by Kris Schofield and Josh Keatley. There has been another 10cm of snow since then. View the photos here!

CARS licenses - Saturday, February 21, 2009

Competitors without CARS licenses for Cochrane should contact Keith Morison directly to enquire about licensing for the event. 403-282-0837 or

Medical History Form - Saturday, February 21, 2009

Participants at the Cochrane Winter Rally will be asked to complete Medical History forms in order to assist emergency crews in the event of an incident. The forms ask basic medical history information such as your age, known medical issues, current medications, allergies and emergency contact information.

Download Medical History Form Here (MedicalForm.pdf)

We ask that you collect these forms for as many of your crew as possible and submit them in a SEALED 9x11 envelope to registration with your car number and a list of people who's forms are included on the outside of the envelope. It is acceptable for each crew member to individually seal their forms in smaller envelopes, but they must also be labeled with the car number and crew members name.

It is vital that the information is current and accurate, particularly for your emergency contacts. The sealed envelopes will be returned to you with your logbooks.

Keith Morison

Forms & Regulations

Supplementary Regulations (2009_Cochrane_Winter_Rally_Supp_Regs.pdf) pdf
Entry Form (EntryForm.pdf) pdf
Tech Form (TechForm.pdf) pdf
Medical History Form (MedicalForm.pdf) pdf

These documents use the Adobe Acrobat format which requires the Free Acrobat Reader

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