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Never Lift Racing

Photo credit: Shawn Bishop/RallySport.ca
Website: www.SponsorThisCar.ca

Vehicle: 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX STI
Engine: 2.5L Turbo, 34mm restrictor, 6MT

Jean Claude (J.C.) Bourgeois is 33 years old and hails from Halifax, NS but currently resides in Calgary, AB. J.C. has been involved in the rally scene for over seven years and has rallycrossed for five of those years and after years of watching from the sidelines, J.C. finally decided to make the step up to stage rally. At the helm of his recently purchased Open Class 2007 Subaru STI, this will be J.C.'s debut event and is only his third time driving the car in anger.

J.C. is very excited to have former Canadian and North American P4 Champion Co-Driver Keith Morison as his distinguished guest along for this ride. Keith brings a wealth of experience to this rookie driver and J.C. couldn't be happier than to have Keith coach him through his first event.

When asked what his objectives are for this event, J.C. responded "to keep the car shiny side up, to learn, to have fun, but most importantly, to FINISH!"

Sponsors: Beta Cuts, Centaur Subaru, Shadow Tint, Tunerworks

Kamunen Racing

Photo by: Kris Schofield/istaphoto.com
Website: www.rallying.ca/~kamunen/

Car: 1996 VW Golf
Motor: 2.0L 16V with SDS Engine Management

How time flies! The 2009 Kananaskis Rally will be Eric & Leanne's 40th pro rally as a team. They are ready to wrap up the season on some of their favourite local roads around Kananaskis. The team has been alternating between National & Regional events this year, so this weekend's regional event should be an enjoyable event with friends and family minus the thousands of kilometers of driving back & forth across the country! Wishing competitors, volunteers, and spectators perfect weather - we'll see you out there!

Candystand Racing Team

Photo by: Kris Schofield/istaphoto.com

Philip Lo is a Calgarian who has been involved with rally for an indefinite length of time. As such, his skills are on a different echelon. He started rallying during a druken night watching WRC on TV and said, "Yea I can do that....." and has never driven straight since then. Philip's navigator, Raymond, foolishly thought his map reading skills was all that was required; he joined the team and now it is too late. Raymond often confuses "left" and "right" but this doesn't affect his performance at all during rally because Philip is hard of hearing. They ride in a multicoloured (but mostly blue) Nissan known as "Jellybean". Together, the three of them form the Candystand racing team. "Our racing skills are sweet, and we have no dental plan."

Special thanks for Vex Performance for helping out a new team. http://www.vexperformance.com/

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