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JustFinish Racing

JustFinish Racing

Photo credit: Shawn Bishop/RallySport.ca 

Vehicle: 1996 Honda Civic

Andrew Avery - Driver

Entering in my first ever rally, after just spent 6 months building my 96 honda civic rally car my main goal is to "just finish" and have fun and gain experience. Always loved racing, previously raced hydroplane out east, upon moving to alberta and realizing the lack of water i was then turned onto one of my other loves ( after my wife of course) rally racing. decided to take the hard route and build my own, satisfying but challenging. Rally racing is accessible to everyone, you don't need a small fortune, just heart.

Thomas Chichak - Co-Driver

A fellow racer from edmonton area we are teaming up for this event, with alot of experience hopefully he can guide me through the ropes. Thomas has run the range when is comes to codriving everything from open sti to G2. I am so happy to have thomas codrive hopefully i can keep up with the notes.

Hummel Rally

Hummel Rally

Photo credit: Shawn Bishop/RallySport.ca   

1987 VW Golf Production Sport

Driver: Matt Bobyn
Co-Driver: Dan Bobyn

Two years in the making Hummel Rally and their 1987 VW Golf has emerged from the depths of the garage; rising slowly from piles of discarded zip ties, paint cans and scraped knuckles the black and yellow vehicle, affectionately nicknamed 'The Bumblebee' makes its delayed return to rally after a long absence.

Purchased from another local driver, the father and son team of Dan and Matt Bobyn have spent the last two years enduringly rebuilding the vehicle, tuning their skills and testing each others patience. Starting with volunteering, TSD rally and then the occasional autocross both driver and navigator are excited to be bringing their rally experience to the next level and having the chance to do it on some of the countries most excited roads makes it even better.

Never Lift Racing

Photo credit: Aaron Kathman/WRS
Website: www.SponsorThisCar.ca

Vehicle: 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX STI
Engine: 2.5L Turbo, 34mm restrictor, 6MT

Driver J.C. Bourgeois and co-driver Martin Burnley have teamed up for the first time to tackle the very tricky stages of the 2010 Kananaskis Rally. J.C.s first attempt at rally was the 2009 Kananaskis Rally, which unfortunately ended in disappointment due to a DNF. However, J.C. has fared much better in 2010 with regional podium performances at both the Rocky Mountain and the Pacific Forest Rallies. It was a tough start to the rally career but finally things are looking up! J.C. and Martin are hoping for more of the same at Kananaskis.

Although this is their first outing together, Martin is an experienced co-driver and J.C. feels incredibly fortunate to have him on-board for this event. The strategy going into this rally will be exactly the same as the previous two events with getting to the end of the event being the #1 priority. Everything else is gravy!

J.C. wants to extend a HUGE THANKS to his family and sponsors as he could not be here without your unwavering support!!

Sponsors: Triple K Autobody, BetaCuts Custom Vinyl Design, Shadow Tint, Tunerworks, Eco Dentworks, Centaur Subaru, Dominion/Countryside Autoglass

Hardyboy Racing

Photo credit: Kris Schofield/ISTAPHOTO.com      

Driver: Hardy Schmidtke
Co-Driver: John Hall

After successful 1st place podium finishes at Cochrane and Mountain Trials earlier this season. Hardy Schmidtke from Cochrane and John Hall from Sherwood Park are once again teamed up, this time for Kananaskis. Both Hardy and John have had a busy rally season, racing together in all of the Western Canadian regional events, while individually competing in all of the national events across Canada.

For Kananaskis Hardy will be driving his 2002 PGT class Subaru WRX. They are expecting some good competition at Kananaskis this year and are looking forward to a fun and fast race over some of the best rally roads in North America.

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