Welcome, this is a notice for the change of location, date and format for the Calgary Sports Car Club (CSCC) autumn rally and the 4th round of the Western Canadian Rally Championship. As you are aware the Kananaskis Rally was moved in 2013 to Radium BC because of the damage caused to the roads by the flood that year. There was always an understanding that the event would be brought back to Kananaskis Country as and when the roads were repaired. Well that has been done.

The rally will now take place on the 6th November 2016 in Kananaskis Country, Alberta. We have moved it away from the long weekend to allow family time as well as rally time. It also reduces the impact to other users in the immediate area. This year’s Kananaskis Rally will be a departure from the rallies held before, we have made this a true 1day rally, with registration, tech and recce in the morning and the rally being held in the afternoon. This is being done in an effort to reduce the costs involved with rallying in Western Canada, e.g. fuel and hotel costs. It also aids attracting the volunteers to come and help with the event management, as most volunteers can come to the rally and be home the same day.

Given that we are doing a 1 day event we have looked for best use of the roads, and as such we will only be using Powderface Trail, the road is looking fantastic.

One Day: 6th November 2016
One Road: Powderface Trail
Four Stages: 79.2 Km
One rally: The Kananaskis Simplified Rally 2016

Hope to see you there,

Matt Pullen



Start Elevation: 1458m
Finish Elevation: 1756m
Highest Elevation: 1863m
Elevation Change (per stage): 1059m
Total Transit: 29.24 Km
Expected Entry Fee: $625

Note: Teams are reminded that simply driving on roads in the area after September 6, 2016 can be considered illegal practicing under CARS rules. Contact the Organizer if there are any concerns.

2015 Podium

Nicholas Spencer / John Kesslar
2nd Overall 2015 - 2005 Subaru STI


David Nickel / Darren Garrod
1st Overall 2015 - 2008 Subaru STI


Kenny Wahl / Aaron Neumann
3rd Overall 2015 - 2002 Subaru WRX


2016 Kananaskis Rally Results

Pos Driver CoDriver Class Total Time Novice
1 Boris DjordjevicJohn Hall O4WD 00:43:55.40
2 Roger SieberGarrett Mealing O4WD 00:46:03.80
3 Justin BayliffChrissy Bayliff P4WD 00:48:01.10
4 Tanveer DeenMichael Szewczyk O2WD 00:48:14.30
5 Eric GrochowskiLeanne Junnila P4WD 00:48:42.10
6 Nicholas SpencerJohn Kesslar P4WD 00:48:43.50
7 Chris BraunJeff Braun P4WD 00:51:32.50 Yes
8 Andrew AveryJamie Willetts O2WD 00:51:44.70 Yes
9 Adam JonesVoytek Stywryszko O2WD 00:52:14.40 Yes
10 Graham BruceMartin Burnley O2WD 00:52:34.20
11 Iannick LemaireDavid Ma O2WD 01:01:38.40 Yes
Detailed Results are available here

2016 Kananaskis Rally Entry List

Classes: 5 O2WD | 4 P4WD | 2 O4WD
Marques: 4 SUBARU | 2 MITSUBISHI | 1 VW | 1 ACURA | 1 FORD | 1 PORSCHE | 1 HONDA

No Car Driver Co-Driver Class
1 4 Justin Bayliff Chrissy Bayliff P4WD E
2 9 Chris Braun Jeff Braun P4WD N
3 11 Iannick Lemaire David Ma O2WD N
4 7 Nicholas Spencer John Kesslar P4WD E
5 5 Tanveer Deen Michael Szewczyk O2WD E
6 7 Eric Grochowski Leanne Junnila P4WD E
7 2 Roger Sieber Garrett Mealing O4WD E
8 10 Adam Jones Voytek Stywryszko O2WD N
9 1 Boris Djordjevic John Hall O4WD E
10 8 Graham Bruce Martin Burnley O2WD E
11 12 Andrew Avery Jamie Willetts O2WD N
WD 3 Trevor Harding Chris Kremer O4WD E

Spectator Areas

Sunday November 6th Spectator Stages

Powderface Leg 1
Car 1 starts at 12:47 (North End)
Car 1 starts at 14:00 (South End)
Powderface Leg 2
Car 1 starts at 15:23 (North End)
Car 1 starts at 16:36 (South End)

Vehicle Access closes approx 1 hour before the start time.

The ability to exit spectator areas between stages is not guaranteed. When parking do not drive past any signs prohibiting motorized vehicles in the meadows.

Spectator Area 1: Powderface Start (North Access)

Access by walking is available at all times.

Directions (approx 1 hour drive)

1. Head west on Trans-Canada Hwy 1 from Calgary
2. Continue West on Hwy 1 at HWY 22 for 16.8 km
3. Take exit 143 for AB-68 S toward Sibbald Creek Trail
4. Turn left onto Sibbald Creek Trail/AB-68 S for 23.1km
5. Turn left onto Powderface Trail for 400m
6. Park on left before Bridge or as directed by Marshals
7. Walk approx 700m in to the spectator corners.

Directions via Google Maps

Spectator 1 parking is outside the controlled section so access by walking is available at all times.

Spectator Area 2: Memorial Hairpin and Finish (South Access)

Parking at this location is controlled but cars will be allowed movement in/out after the last car starts SS2

Directions (approx 1 h 15 min drive)

1. Head west on Trans-Canada Hwy 1 from Calgary
2. Turn south on AB HWY 22 for 7 km
3. At roundabout stay on AB HWY 22 for 14 km (Bragg Creek)
4. Turn right onto AB HWY 66 W for 27.5 km
5. Continue onto Powderface Trail for 14.8 km
6. Park in pullout on left between bridges or as directed by Marshals
7. Walk approx 200m up the hill to the hairpin.

Directions via Google Maps

If you wish to use the Spectator 2 parking area then your car will need to be in place 1 hour prior to the first car starting the stage as the road will be closed to all non-rally traffic at 11:47. If you are later than this time you will be able to park at the side of the road before the road closure takes effect and walk in to the spectator area this would be approx. 0.8km. There will be a 15-20 minute period after the last car has started SS2 for spectators to arrive and depart from the parking area prior to the start of stage 3.

Volunteer Information

One of the best ways to get into rallying and learn how and what to do is to volunteer to help out at an event.

There are many positions available, most not requiring any special knowledge (we'll teach you anyway). From the registration table to timing controls and spectator control.

Volunteers are needed:

To help with competitor registration.
To help with technical inspection of rally cars.
To help with rally equipment for the event - signage, marking off stage areas, etc.
To operate time controls - timing cars at stage starts, stage finishes and into the service parks.
To secure the roads - ensuring that roads leading onto the stages are secure. The "best seats in the house to see the action"
To host sponsor and media representatives.
To help with spectator safety - marshals who ensure that spectators remain in the designated viewing locations and stay safe.
To monitor service parks for safe practices and to ensure that spectators are not too close to competitor cars during service.

Some positions need specialist skills. People with qualifications as amateur radio operators, emergency medical technicians, and advanced first aid are critical for event safety and security.

Sunday November 6
Marshals Meeting
Training & Registration
North Loop Service Area
Kananaskis Country, AB

Sunday November 6
Radio Operator Meeting
Training & Registration
North Loop Service Area
Kananaskis Country, AB

Spencer Armstrong

image image image


Matt Pullen
Clerk of Course
Peter Hill
Debbie Dyer
Online Entry Form

Volunteer Coord.
Spencer Armstrong
Kurt Schantz
Scrutineer / Sweep
Mike Dyer
Paul Westwick
Dave Sharp

Venue Locations

North Loop Service Area
Rally Registration
North Loop Service Area
Tech Inspection
North Loop Service Area
Seed 5/6 Meeting
North Loop Service Area
Official Start
North Loop Service Area
North Loop Service Area
North Loop Service Area

Preliminary Schedule

October 3
Registration Opens
October 29
Early Registration Closes
October 28
Seeded Draw, Coordinators Residence
Sunday November 6
Service Park Move In
0800 to 0915
Competitor Registration, North Loop Service Area
0830 to 1200
Technical Inspection opens
0830 to 1100
Marshals Training Meeting, North Loop Service Area
Radio Operator Meeting, North Loop Service Area
Mandatory Seed 5/6 Meeting, North Loop Service Area
Introduction of Officials, North Loop Service Area
Leg 1 Start
1417 (approx.)
1457 (approx.)
Reseed and refuel
1530 (approx.)
Leg 2 Start
1704 (approx.)
Car 0 Finish, End of Rally
1730 (approx.)
BBQ opens (Awards)

2016 Kananaskis Rally - Virtual Notice Board

Notices and Bulletins

KAN16 Competitor Bulletin 1 (2016-10-25 13:28)
Extended early entry deadline & RallySafe early pickup

Rules and Regulations

Kananaskis Simplified Supplementary Regulations (2016-10-07 21:02)

Forms & Downloads

Tech Form